Journey. Expertise. Passions.

Hello there! I'm Beto Muniz.

Beto Muniz?

Yeah! Beto Muniz! A seasoned Software Engineer that lives in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil with over 12 years of tech industry experience.


My specialization lies in web development, mainly as a Front-End Engineer using technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Tailwind, Next.js, React.js, Node.js, and many others.


I thoroughly enjoy utilizing my expertises, knowledge and best in class available market tools to craft beautiful and functional user experiences, which throughout my career happened a lot while working in side projects and companies like Grafana Labs, Google, Riot Games, X-Team, Toptal, Pfizer, Akamai, CITRIX, and various startups across industry sectors like Healthcare, Finance, and Developer Tools, and Gaming.

Open Source

I'm also an open-source enthusiast, and I strive to be as active as possible within the open-source ecosystems. So, I leverage open-source as a platform to fuel my continuous learning process, stimulate knowledge sharing, and foster collaborations using code. This involvement ultimately helps me to keep at the forefront of the latest trends in web development, programming and technology.

Content Creation

As an avid tech writer, occasional streamer, and YouTuber, I extend my passion for code into various forms of content creation, delving into a multitude of topics including Front-End development, Back-End development, Web Technologies, Security & Privacy, Acessibility, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, Open Source, Career in Tech, Productivity, DevTools, and Remote Work. Whether it's through an blogpost, book, newsletter, social media posts, live streams, or tutorials in video, my goal is to share my knowledge with the wider community and foster meaningful discussions.

Life Hacks

Consistency, resilience, persistence, and patience are life paths I try to follow as much as possible to keep doing all the things I want.


Outside of code and work things, I love to spend time with my family and cats, traveling, playing games on my PC rig for gaming, playing board games, playing tennis or basketball, watching TV shows and movies, working out in the gym, and reading fantasy books.

That's all folks...

And that's me. If, like me, you're looking for meaningful, useful and intriguing knowledge exchanges, please don't hesitate to connect!